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This is how the story begins:

 Created in 2012 by longtime friends, Candice and Tara, ZOJORA is an online shop that brings you travel-inspired accessories from across the globe. ZOJORA promotes local artisans and fair labour by working with the social enterprise, Fair Trade Fashion, Vietnam, for most of its table linens. 

Candice and Tara's shared passion for traveling is definitely the driving force behind ZOJORA, as well as their respective backgrounds in jewelry, marketing and fashion which has inevitably helped them curate the ZOJORA collection. Together they have lived in NYC, climbed Kilimanjaro, cycled the rice paddies of Bali, skied the Alps, explored Greek ruins and eaten spicy rice curries in Sri Lanka. Throughout their travels, they have sourced unique accessories and collected local fabrics that are used to create ZOJORA table and clothing products.

ZOJORA is a combination of their favourite passions: traveling, sourcing unique accessories and creating accessories of their own. We hope you enjoy our unique global shopping experience. The meaning of ZOJORA? Simply the acronym of our combined six children: Zoe, Orson, Josh, Oscar, Rose, and Aristote, most definitely our favourite traveling companions. 

ZOJORA is now based in Lisbon, Portugal. Tara has taken over all the sourcing trips, creation of new products as well as daily operations. For the past years, Tara travels every couple of months to Jaipur, as her love for block print is a never ending story. Many new products have been added to the ZOJORA range in recent years, but the original aim of promoting global artistry still remains at the core of ZOJORA. 

As for Candice and Tara, rest assured: they are still besties. 💗